5 Easy Ways To Add Instant Style To Your Home

5 Easy Ways To Add Instant Style To Your Home

Ready to inject some life into your living space? Here's our DIY cheat sheet on adding instant style to your home – the seriously easy way.


Get creative with colour. If you're done with the muted tones of sand and beige, make your way to the other end of the spectrum. Deep hues of turquoise, teal and sapphire have made a major comeback, not only for a feature wall, but an entire room.


Bedroom looking a little bland? Wallpaper has had a revival in popularity over the last few years – and the new designs are impressive. Try a basic linen texture available from Bunnings, or go to a specialist store and check out their range of wallpaper that mimics wood, stone, fabric and even artwork.




Don’t settle for standard oyster or down lights. Be bold and make a feature instead, opt for a statement light for your space. Try hanging a pendant light over the dining table, or maybe a light bar over the kitchen bench (obviously, installed by a licensed Electrician!) Metallic accents add a touch of glamour, or wood grain works well for a modern Scandi feel.


For a quick and easy way to style up a bathroom, just take a look at yourself in the mirror, literally. Do away with the stock-standard mirror fixed above the basin and go for something new. Check out the range of bathroom mirrors and cabinets at your local IKEA or bathroom wholesaler. For an on-trend design, try a circular mirror, or for style and substance, a cabinet with inbuilt lights.


A layer of new window coverings has the ability to add instant style to a room. Your local Spotlight store will have a decent range of ready-made curtains and blinds, or if you're pretty handy with a sewing machine, buy a roll of fabric and DIY!