How to Care For Your Pets in Summer

Get ready Perth, this summer is shaping up to be a hot one. While we can slip, slop, slap, we can't forget that our furry friends need just as much attention as we do. Here's a few tips to make this summer your pets' best one yet.

Tip 1: Become an Early Riser

We know, those baking hot days aren't always the greatest when you have an energetic dog to walk. Here's a test; place the back of your hand on the ground for 5 seconds, and if it's too hot for you, sorry, it's too hot for your canine friend. Set your alarm instead and go for an early morning walk, or at sunset when the temperature has cooled.

The orange box

The orange box

Tip 2: Brunch With Your Buddy

With the summer social calendar in full swing, you may find yourself out and about more than usual. However, this is rather boring for our pets stuck at home. Whether it's a Sunday brunch or a beach trip, why not bring your pooch along? Make note of places that are dog-friendly and let them become your new regulars. Our favourite dog-friendly spots to grab a bite to eat are Slate Cafe, Bennett Springs (with a dedicated dog play area), Yelo in North Beach, The Orange Box at Leighton Beach and Little Shop of Plenty in Maylands.

Tip 3: Keep Hydrated and Shaded

This is a no-brainer; when the days are hotter, our pets will drink more. Run regular checks throughout the day to make sure their water bowl is always topped up. If your backyard is a bit of a hot box, install a shade sail or put up an umbrella, as pets still want to go outside, but will opt for the cooler shaded spots.

The orange box

The orange box

Tip 4: Frozen Treats

Do you often crave an icy cold treat on a summer's day? We think your pooch totally deserves one too. Try slicing a ripe banana into small pieces, layer one side with peanut butter and place into the freezer. In a few hours time you'll have a tasty ice-cold treat that will keep your doggy entertained (at least for a while!).

Tip 5: Get Grooming

Do you notice that your dogs shed more in summer? Help them cast off their unwanted winter coat with a thorough brush through. If your puppy still seems overheated, wipe a damp towel over their fur. Most won't mind this when they feel the instant cooling effect.

The orange box